‘Richlite’ Hand Made Candle Holders by Christopher Hill

Reworking a 26 year old design, I happened upon the perfect material while making a lighting product. I noticed that it’s durability and machining characteristics were complemented by it’s unique aesthetic. Although the paper product Richlite has been around since 1943, it was not widely known outside the USA. The characteristics of exposed layering & discoloration add a unique visual character to the material, particularly when enhanced by the application of oil to the surface. While the boards are consistently manufactured to offer uniformity at larger ‘architectural’ scales, Richlite’s lack of uniformity when worked at the smaller scales delivers a truly unique character. Customisation includes the use of either precious metals such as 18K Gold or Platinum or base alloys such as bronze or naval brass.   The addition of the peelable silicone wax catcher offers both a practical & aesthetical, fully customisable solution. Each pair is hand made in England carries my makers mark.

‘Jaz’ is one of a series of  hand made Bespoke Editions. Demonstrating an evolution of this 1990 design and this extremely flambouyant version shows the surface quality of Rainier Richlite.  Pieces are hand made to order with a 12 week lead time and prices are confidential and only available via personal expression of  interest.

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