Flying start to 2016

Glad to say, I am off to a flying start in 2016. The unpredictable nature of model making makes each year impossible to plan. You are lucky if you can see 4 weeks ahead! The projects that look to be on the horizon seem to be moving away from the ‘bits and bob’s that defined 2015, the parts of projects that for whatever reason (price or uncertainty) end up taking far longer than the time you are charging for. While these projects put food on the table (Just) they don’t hold the interest for me that a full projects does. Last year I had 3 great full design projects working with fabulous clients from overseas. Clients with balls and vision are hard to find and I found 3 new ones last year to add to my exclusive band of loyal and appreciative UK clients. Their enthusiasm and drive is quite inspirational and lifts one’s spirit from the day to day drudge of supplying a ‘segment of a project’! I am really looking forward to contributing to more design history this year.

Glasgow School of Art Archive Piece

Delighted to have one of my models included in the Glasgow School of Art Archive.

The Award winning Aurora Forecast Station by Designer, Gemma Lord. A real pleasure to work with Gemma and a fabulous Idea.


Traditional Model Maker Required

I am seeking a talented traditional finish model maker with a minimum of 1 year commercial experience.

The position requires the candidate to have 1st class hand finishing & spray painting skills with exceptional attention to detail & hand/eye coordination. Problem solving skills & experience in the use of basic workshop equipment is essential. Experience in the use of CNC milling/turning an advantage. Must be able to work at YO25.

Competitive Rates

Please send details, CV and examples of work via the contact page.

New Web Site

Well here we are.

The move to the East Yorkshire Coast has changed the way I look at an Industry in which I have been immersed since 1983. After some tweaking of the space the studio and workshop is set up nicely and the view out of the window are a dream.

I guess I have removed myself from the mainstream but this is quite deliberate as my work has been my passion and perfecting my art the driver. I have a core of amazing clients who fully understand me and what I bring to the process of design. Their advice is that I should not try to compete with the world of 3d print and ‘rapid everything’ and focus on  only the very highest quality work and service. I am often told that this is where my strength lies, I don’t really have comparable competitors and that nobody quite achieves the results I do. For my own sanity, and in a crazy world of promises that increasingly fall short of the mark, I need to listen to them. I realise I  have an increasingly rare skill set which I have applied to some of the most challenging tasks, dipping into and out of the production process more times than I can remember and thankfully in recent years I have been invited to pass on that knowledge to budding new designers at Central St Martins, The RCA, and De Montfort University. I feel privileged to do so. The plan for the year ahead is to do more design and make and hopefully sell. It feels an inevitable step. Thank you to all who continue to support me and what I do.

Chalk Cliffs at Bempton
Chalk Cliffs at Bempton

Tangerine Book Launch!

tangerine25Fabulous to be invited to Tangerines 25th Anniversary book launch at Central St Martins. Fantastic to see lots of familiar faces even though I struggled to hear people talk Thank guys for letting me be part of the story over the years, its been a privilege!



Foam Modeling Class with Masters Students from the RCA and accompanied by master model maker John Reeves. A great day, and a lovely group of gifted young people. The future of design.