Flying start to 2016

Glad to say, I am off to a flying start in 2016. The unpredictable nature of model making makes each year impossible to plan. You are lucky if you can see 4 weeks ahead! The projects that look to be on the horizon seem to be moving away from the ‘bits and bob’s that defined 2015, the parts of projects that for whatever reason (price or uncertainty) end up taking far longer than the time you are charging for. While these projects put food on the table (Just) they don’t hold the interest for me that a full projects does. Last year I had 3 great full design projects working with fabulous clients from overseas. Clients with balls and vision are hard to find and I found 3 new ones last year to add to my exclusive band of loyal and appreciative UK clients. Their enthusiasm and drive is quite inspirational and lifts one’s spiritĀ from the day to day drudge of supplying a ‘segment of a project’! I am really looking forward to contributing to more design history this year.