Design Model for theDivision & Sunstar

Delighted to showcase this reference model, one of four designs,  made for product design consultants theDivision & their Client Sunstar. The model is CNC machined & hand finished and fabricated in Polyurethane & Acrylic. Sunstar has now launched E-Treatment for the Equitance brand in Japan.

The Division’s approach to design values simplicity, exquisite form, exceptional finish & precise detailing. It is always a pleasure to work on such great projects with David, Nicole & the team.

Read more about the story of this product on The Division web page.


Model Showing Precise Detail and Graphics
Front View
This semi-functional model deals with the subtle combination of soft feel coating and high gloss details.
Polished White Nozzle detail
Model Showing Polished White acrylic Nozzle detail
User Experience
Ergonomic Model